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This is the best tool to manage my Outlook contact fields!"

"Your tool saved me!"

"Wow! How could I survived without Data Fields Manager!"

"Fast, simple, and powerful. Exactly what I love about it!"

"I also like the record inspector. It allows me to see ALL the fields in the contact, including the user defined fields."

"This tool compares to many others that are hundreds of dollars more expensive!"

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Data Fields Manager for Outlook Contacts

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What can I do with Data Fields Manager?

The actions below can be applied to standard as well as user-defined fields on standard Outlook configurations as well as on Exchange configurations.

Action Example
Add User Field You can add a user defined field to all the contacts.
Analyze - NEW Currently, 2 types of analysis are implemented: Field Popularity and Unique Values in a Field.
Attachments Remove all the attachments from a contact.
Build Build strings from Outlook Contact Fields and deposit the value in a field in Outlook.
Change Case Uppercase, lowercase, Capitalize First and Capitalize All the words in a particular field. This is great for names, email addresses, etc..
Clear Clear a field for all the contacts in the database.
Copy Copy the data from one field to another. Works great with standard and user defined fields.
Delete Delete a User Field from the from the Outlook contact.
Exchange Swap two fields, whether they are Standard or User Defined fields in Outlook.
Export - NEW Export your fields into a Comma Separated File, including user defined fields as well as multi-line fields.
FileAs Change the FileAs field in Outlook. You can change it from a variety of formats that are much better than what Outlook provides.
Find and Replace Find and replace a string across the whole database.
Format Format fields and copy them to others with the new formatting feature!!!
Format and Copy Format a field and copy it to another field.
Mailing Address  - NEW Set the default mailing address for all contacts with the click of a button
Move - NEW Move values from one field to another (1-way move with erasure of the originating field)
Paste Paste a value to a field across the whole database
Rename Rename an Outlook User Defined Field to another name while maintaining the field value.
Schedule Schedule Calendar items from a field value. With duplicate checking!!!
Trim Trim a field to only contain a specified number of characters.


Perform repetitive contact field operations with the click of a button! Compatible with Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010 32-bit.

NEW Product!

Categories Administrator for Outlook!

The absolute best in managing your categories in Outlook!


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